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$7.3M 443 E Royal Flamingo Dr Sarasota FL 34236

$7.3M 118 N Warbler Ln Sarasota FL 34236

$4.3M 640 N Owl Dr Sarasota FL 34236

$4M 424 Pheasant Way Sarasota FL 34236

$2.5M 526 Bird Key Dr Sarasota FL 34236

$2.3M 640 N Owl Dr Sarasota FL 34236

$2.3M 245 Bird Key Dr Sarasota FL 34236

$2M 425 Partridge Cir Sarasota FL 34236

$30K 110 N Warbler Ln Sarasota FL 34236

$15K 460 Pheasant Dr Sarasota FL 34236

$12.5K 523 N Spoonbill Dr Sarasota FL 34236

$10.9K 419 Bird Key Dr Sarasota FL 34236

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About Bird Key

Bird Key, offers 510 homes enclave just off the Ringling Causeway, with bay front, canal front and garden lot homes, dramatic city skyline views, Bird Key provides location, location, location.

Originally owned by John Ringling, Arvida Corporation develop the key in the 1960s. Bird Key is a boater’s dream, and the Bird Key Yacht Club recently remodeled by Murray Homes, is the hub of social life. A mix of executives, physicians, recently retired baby boomers, and a few celebrities including one rock’n’roll superstar and a controversial national talk show host live.

Just over the John Ringling Causeway, heading towards St.Armands Circle, you will find Bird Key Park, a favorite spot among windsurfers, fisherman, dog walkers and joggers. This park is one of the few places where dogs can get their fun in the sun, while you stroll along the waterways watching the sunset and the boaters sailing past.

Sarasota’s history is bound up with that of the Ringling family, who were most famous for the Barnum and Bailey and Ringling Brothers circuses, but they also left their mark on the city in many other ways. John Ringling’s circus elephants helped to build the first bridge connecting St. Armands Key with mainland Florida, and the Ringling’s Venetian style estate was one of the most impressive residences built in Sarasota during the 1920s