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People who could live anywhere in the world live right here in the Oaks Club.

People who could live anywhere in the world live right here in the Oaks Club.

If you could hand-pick the perfect place to live, create the sort of singularly exclusive home and lifestyle that makes you the envy of others, what specific qualities would you choose? Beautiful weather, nearby beaches and a range of state-of-the-art homes near the water surrounded by lush tropical foliage? The Oaks has all of that, and more.

The Oaks - Osprey FloridaThe Oaks - Osprey Florida

You’re probably picturing a golf-loving community, too, with not one but two pristine golf courses right there in your neighborhood. It’s the sort of golf experience people dream about, fully supported by the entire community and accessible only to you and your neighbors. This is the sort of place where everyone wakes up excited to play, where you can always find a friendly foursome. There are more than 200 active female golfers alone.

And who are these neighbors in your dream neighborhood? They’re friendly, active, diverse, community-minded folks of all ages who regularly gather for barbecues and book clubs, for days on the course and nights at the opera, or weekends gardening together, attending lectures or car shows or dances.

If all of this sounds too good to be true, then you owe it to yourself to come to the Oaks Club to see it for yourself. The dream is real.

Nestled among the mature oak trees and verdant tropical flora of south Sarasota, the Oaks Club embodies every part of this idyllic southwest Florida lifestyle. The Oaks’ three neighborhoods afford a variety of settings within the purview of a single, overarching community that combines natural beauty, high-quality home building, and social opportunities spanning sports, education, high culture, philanthropy and all manner of leisure activities.

With your choice of home style—including a range of single-family options as well as maintenance-free living—and a community nurtured by a rich and vibrant array of activities, all within the larger paradise that is southwest Florida, the Oaks is a veritable choose-your-own adventure lifestyle, where every story is a happy one.

First, get to know each of the Oaks’ three neighborhoods. The peninsular Oaks Bayside fulfills the Florida dream of living near the water, where the scent of citrus orchards sweeps through nature preserves, and landscaped communal areas draws young families living their best lives.

The spacious lots of the Oaks Clubside combine the area’s natural beauty with golf course convenience, so residents can easily access a round on the award-winning links and also expect to see a range of Florida wildlife from blue herons to bald eagles to bobcats.

And the Oaks Preserve provides exquisite, maintenance-free living (single-family homes, villas, and luxury tower residences) right in the thick of the community’s top-notch amenities, which include the pool, fitness facility and clubhouse as well as lake views and the ever-present natural areas.

Then, explore the lifestyle that bonds these neighborhoods together—a shared sense of community built around a welcoming philosophy and an appreciation for the many fine experiences available here.

the Oaks

At the Oaks Club, mandatory membership (either equity or social) ensures a luxury leisure experience for the whole community, so you and your neighbors can get together and enjoy top-of-the-line amenities and services—the sort of impeccable standards you’d expect from Sarasota’s premier country club. Membership is also an exclusive opportunity, as there are currently no openings for non-resident members. (Members of the Oaks Club also have access to reciprocal golf membership at nearby Laurel Oak, the Founders Club, and the Lakewood Ranch Country Club.)

The Oaks’ two award-winning courses (plus two putting greens and two driving ranges) abut the community’s natural areas and cater to a variety of skill levels. That accommodating experience explains why golf is so central to the residents of the Oaks Club, and why more than 200 women count among the community’s active golfers.

Athletes enjoy year-round access to the state-of-the-art tennis facility, too—that is, except for the few days a year when the Oaks’ immaculate courts host the world’s best players for U.S. Open qualifying.

Philanthropy and community service abound, as well, with groups that are active in contributing to the greater good. In fact, the Oaks enjoys a tradition of outreach that has made its mark on the Sarasota area as a whole.

There are also on-site lectures, exhibitions, book clubs, classes and the Oaks “U,” an education series. And as in the closest, warmest, most welcoming communities, the Oaks plays host to frequent laid-back gatherings and celebratory events: barbecues, dances, holiday parties and family experiences.

The Oaks - Osprey FloridaThe Oaks - Osprey Florida

And all of these Oaks Club experiences exist within the greater community of Sarasota, a city renowned for its arts offerings as well as its natural beauty. In addition to its white-sand beaches (including Siesta Key Beach, widely considered one of the best beaches in the country), Sarasota boasts professional theater companies, opera, ballet and an orchestra. There’s the Ringling, with its expansive art museum, circus museum and the Ca d’Zan, a bayfront Venetian-style mansion built by circus magnate John Ringling. There’s Selby Gardens, another bayfront treasure, with thousands upon thousands of orchids and bromeliads. There’s golf, boating, architecture, history, polo, natural parks and preserves, world-class restaurants and Spring Training baseball. All this is what makes southwest Florida an international destination, an enviable paradise on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

This is the area in which the Oaks Club has flourished.

In such a culturally rich and actively exceptional town like Sarasota, it takes something really special to stand out as a community. The Oaks has managed to establish a vibrant and varied lifestyle that rises above even the most discerning standards. Imagine your perfect home, community and lifestyle. The Oaks is that dream come true.

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