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The Only App You Need When Shopping For A New Home

The Only App You Need When Shopping For A New Home

Imagine strolling the street outside a home for sale, in a neighborhood you don’t know, and asking yourself, Is this the home for me? Can I live here?

And then in a moment, you hold up your phone and it generates an augmented reality image of the street containing all the information you need—not only on the home you’re thinking of buying, but on the other homes down the street, the schools in the area, the demographics of the people here, and so much more. You walk through the neighborhood and see past the facades to a whole world of real estate information.

Shopping for a home is such a complicated task involving countless variables, and even in today’s tech-savvy world, the process can be a nightmare to navigate. Digital aids for homebuyers—from apps to software to social media—are so numerous that simply choosing which technology to use can be daunting. Even before you weigh your options regarding the price, location, age, architecture, size, amenities, refurbishments and more of prospective homes, now you have to pick a homebuying app, too.

But here at Murray Group, we want to make it easy for you. Our solution: Homesnap (homesnap.com). It’s become an invaluable resource for our realtors, and it’s equally invaluable for homebuyers—and of course, the connection between the two is paramount.Homesnap Real Estate App

Homesnap mines real-time MLS data and sorts it into easily accessible snapshots of homes and neighborhoods, while also allowing you to compare that data to other markets. Detailed information about past sales, schools, property lines, lot history, taxes, census data and more, plus a library of high-definition photographs, can be accessed instantly. You can even find information about nearby homes that aren’t on the market—a great way to get a sense of the neighborhood.

Plus, Homesnap’s intuitive design means all of its information and functions are easy to navigate, so you don’t have to worry about being bogged down by a clunky, overly complicated bit of kit.

To be clear: This is the only nationwide, real-time, MLS-based app out there, and it makes the most of those directories’ wealth of data.

But of course, Homesnap’s features extend beyond data sorting. The app also has streamlined functions for keeping in touch with your agent and even sharing information with your friends and family—no copying links or information to be pasted into another program or messenger app. Homesnap is a one-stop shop for home-shopping, allowing you to navigate your home search from a single, smartphone-based program. Just open the app and you’re good to go.

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And the technology continues to evolve. Over the last year, Homesnap has added new features like a real-time newsfeed of real estate transactions in the zip codes you’ve indicated, an in-app mortgage calculator, commercial and multi-family properties, and that “Walk the Property Lines” augmented reality technology that lets you point your phone at various properties and see a slew of pertinent facts.

Additionally, there’s a desktop version of Homesnap that coincides with the mobile app.

To date, more than 750,000 agents across the country have access to the mobile real estate productivity platform, Homesnap Pro, on top of millions of consumers searching Homesnap for their new home. In November 2017, Deloitte ranked Homesnap the 220th fastest-growing company in North America, on its 2017 Technology Fast 500. Homesnap experienced 444 percent revenue growth last year, and its well on its way to becoming the single, universal, digital tool for the homebuying market.

That makes things easier, doesn’t it?

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