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$10M 4223 Bay Shore Rd Sarasota FL 34234

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$779K 528 45th St Sarasota FL 34234

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$725K 524 58th St Sarasota FL 34243

$435K 846 42nd St Sarasota FL 34234

$2K 3 Russ En Urbe Ct Sarasota FL 34234

$1.8K 5211 N Tamiami Trl #4 Sarasota FL 34234

$1.6K 5233 N Tamiami Trl #1 Sarasota FL 34234

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About Indian Beach

Indian Beach, along with Sapphire Shores make up most of what is referred to as Sarasota's “Museum Area”. A stand-out community featuring diversity on almost every level, and unparalleled access to the hear of the Sarasota arts and cultural scene and tucked along the Sarasota bayfront directly south from the Ringling Museum and north of Whitakers Bayou and downtown.

In addition to the amazing waterfront location that lies between downtown and the Ringling Museum, the Indian Beach area is one of Florida's oldest settled areas, originally being a home for pre-historic native americans who used the area as a winter fishing village.

Later on, the first pioneering american settlers in the area also chose this location along Sarasota's bay to carve out a living by building homesteads. The settlers utilized the climate and access tot he bay to build a life around fishing, agriculture and even some trade with merchant vessals on the way to other Florida destinations.

However it is during the 1920s when the area began to attract the attention of wealthy individuals that the Indian Beach neighborhood began to resemble what we see today with the creation of Ca Da Zan. Perhaps the most famous home in Sarasota, the decision by John and Mable Ringling to call Sarasota home has been one of the area's greatest influences.

A pillar of the community, the Ringling Mansion also functions as one end of the spectrum of architectural diversity available in homes through out Indian Beach. Not too long after Ca Da Zan was built one of the architects involved in the construction, named Ralph Twitchell began to work with another young and yet unknown architect named Paul Rudolph. Together Twitchell and Rudolph created some of the first truly modern homes and started what was to become know as the Sarasota School of Architecture, or simply the Sarasota Modern style.

Many of these now historic first homes landed as the polar opposite to the Ca Da Zan and together the two styles bookend a wide range of home designs found in the Indian Beach neighborhood.

Some would say this rich diversity of styles and heritage is appropriately located as Indian Beach is just steps from the Ringling Museum of Art, the Asolo theater, New Collage and just across the street from the Ringling Collage of Art and Design.

Culture and history aside, Indian Beach offers a mix of elements that have lured some of the areas most successful individuals to build palatial waterfront estates along the Bay. But as with it's diverse history so it is with the real estate market. Price points of homes in the area are just as diverse, with the aformentioned waterfront estates going from 10 million dollars, down to mainland post war era ranch homes priced in the mid 100s. Homes in indian beach have always sold well and that is no surprise with the area being just a few minuets from downtown, the beaches, and close access to both Bradenton and the Sarasota International Airport (SRQ).

Unlike other neighborhoods with multi-million dollar properties, Indian Beach is far from being socially homogenous or overly manicured. Residents in the area can enjoy the benefits of the diversity that allows for young art students and performers to relax and enjoy the sunset in the same waterfront park as multi-millionaires and working-class families.

If you are considering your next real estate move and are looking for a divers and convenient location to call home with fast access to Sarasota bay and all of Sarasota's attractions consider Indian Beach as a contender. With a rich history, exceptional value and deep diversity, Indian Beach offers assets that few other Sarasota neighborhoods can match.